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MBA Consulting

Technology Staffing Solutions

"Staffing Your Technology Needs"

IT & Engineering Management Consulting Services

Consulting Services include sales, recruitment, new business development, sales and recruitment training. Design, development and implementation of nationwide strategic marketing and sales plans, tactical sales plans, recruitment programs and administrative support for technology staffing clients.

Consulting Services include...

  • Hands-On Sales to C Level and Senior Executives/Management for Specific Requirements
  • Design, Develop and Implement Strategic Marketing Plans, Sales Strategies and Tactical Sales Plans
  • Design, Develop and Implement a Seven Step Recruitment Process for Sourcing & Recruitment of Qualified Candidates
  • Design, Develop and Implement a Management System to Prioritize and Focus Recruitment Activity
  • Hands-On Mentoring, Teaching and Training of Sales & Recruitment Teams
  • Reorganize and Manage Business Administration & Accounting areas including Insurances, Accounts Receivable Funding, Billing, Invoicing and Payroll

Management Consulting focuses on advising clients on the best ways to manage, operate and improve business performance. Organizations hire the services of management consultants to analyze their existing business "challenges;" as well as design, develop and implement plans for improvement.

MBA Consulting has advised staffing industry clients on efficient management practices to improve operational and business management areas including sales, recruitment, administration, finance, payroll, business insurances and support services.

Technology consultants have advised clients on technology related "challenges" including business applications, implementations, migrations, engineering, networking and web related areas.

Technology consultants have provided clients with analysis of existing technology areas and have designed, developed and implemented plans for technology efficiency.

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